About us

Vision and values

At Olive Academies, we believe that every child and young person has the ability and the right to learn and achieve.

We recognise that many of the children and young people we work with arrive at our alternative provision academies as reluctant learners. Traditional teaching methods in the mainstream school system have not worked for them.

Our mission is to provide our pupils with creative, nurturing and inspiring learning opportunities which re-engage them in learning and transform their lives. This is reflected in our values and strategic priorities, which guide and underpin everything we do at Olive Academies.

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Our values

  • Conviction: everyone has the capacity to reach their potential
  • Determination: not giving up on those who have not experienced success in their lives
  • Ambition: all challenges can be overcome, and education is an important lifeline journey
  • Reflection: learning from experiences and developing a capacity to improve further

Our strategic priorities

  • Continue to develop OA academies to be centres of excellence where young people receive the best possible education
  • Continue to ensure resources are effectively deployed to support our academies to be centres of excellence and provide value for money
  • Continue to develop structures to allow the trust to actively pursue new opportunities, be that expanding current provision, working with new partners or exploring new provision in targeted areas
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Our approach

Olive Academies is a trust comprising five alternative provision academies in London and East England, providing education to children and young people aged between 7 and 16. In addition to our school-based provision, we support mainstream schools with outreach and specialist expertise - working towards our objective of preventing exclusions.

We work hard to establish strong partnerships with mainstream schools, local authorities, local and national businesses, charities and community organisations. It is these partnerships which inspire and enable our students to become active learners and valued members of the community.

We recognise the importance of involving parents, carers and families who are already supporting our children and young people in their learning journey. We believe that working together is the key to success in making our academies thriving, inclusive, successful learning communities.

Are you ready to make a difference?

If you are someone who believes in the potential of all young people and are looking for your next challenge, visit our vacancies page to find out where we're hiring.