OA Foundation


Helping children and young people secure a better future.

Established in 2021, Olive Academies Foundation is the charitable arm of Olive Academies Trust (OA Trust) and works in partnership to provide additional opportunities for OA students, beyond the scope of the curriculum.

OA Foundation's vision is to help all children and young people who attend academies within OA Trust by offering the chance to participate in projects and experiences that support their engagement in learning, broaden their horizons and develop essential life skills.

The foundation's core objective is to raise funds which can be distributed, via grants, to OA academies for these projects.

The initial fundraising goal is to provide all OA students with a place on a specialist residential programme, Venture Beyond: a bespoke, character-building outdoor learning experience designed to develop essential skills that will benefit each student's approach to education and work, and their role in society.

Olive Academies Foundation

Helping children and young people secure a better future


Download the Olive Academies Foundation Strategy 2021-22 to find out more about our approach.