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Helping marginalised young people to secure a better future

We've partnered with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to manage donations, making online giving simple.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting Olive Academies (OA) Foundation to improve the life chances for some of the country's most vulnerable young people. We're raising funds to provide a specialist enrichment programme, Venture Beyond, for all OA students to participate in. Venture Beyond will give these young people the skills, confidence and opportunity to turn their lives around. You can donate online, via Charities Aid Foundation*, or directly with OA Foundation by emailing info@oliveacademies.org.uk.

Making a difference

Below is an outline of the impact a range of funding could achieve for OA students.

£50,000 would enable all students in one of OA's five academies to participate in Venture Beyond.

£15,000 would enable five students with complex needs to take part in specialist activities within the Venture Beyond programme.

£6,000 would enable two classes of students to take part in a Venture Beyond residential.

Becoming a partner

You can make an ongoing commitment to OA Foundation and become a partner. We ask our partners to commit to support OA Foundation for at least a year and to contribute at least £5,000 to the charity, whether as a financial donation or in-kind donation.

We want to develop relationships with our partners. In addition to keeping you informed about the young people you have made a difference to, we have a range of benefits that we will shape into an agreed package with you. These can include:

  • Your company featured as a partner on our website
  • Use of our logo to support your CSR goals
  • Social media coverage
  • Invitation to our annual impact event
  • Access to an Olive Academies expert speaker for your CSR event
  • Opportunities to partner with us for future initiatives

We'd welcome a discussion to see how we can work together for lasting change.

E: info@oafoundation.org.uk

T: 01708 982622

Your support makes change possible

Donate today to help improve the life chances of vulnerable children and young people

* You can donate up to £9,999 online via Charities Aid Foundation. For larger donations, please email info@oafoundation.org.uk so that we can process this directly.