Olive Academies students make history with Duke of Edinburgh's Award achievement

Sixteen students from our two academies in Cambridgeshire are set to receive their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze award after taking part in a final expedition this month – making them the first students from our academies in Cambridgeshire to achieve the accolade.

This is only the second time in Olive Academies’ history that students have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, now in its 68th year.

Under the direction of Millie Andrews, Outdoor Learning Coordinator across the two academies, and with funding from Olive Academies Foundation, the students were able to take part in the various challenges required to gain the award.

Duke of ed

The students had to take part in skill development, volunteering, and an expedition to achieve the award in line with new criteria developed for AP and special schools through the organisation’s ‘Access without Limits’ scheme.

Students were able to practice their camping skills and bushcraft prior to the trip which took place last month in the heart of Thetford Forest. Whilst on the expedition, students got to experience everything from building a campfire to kayaking and mountain biking.

We’re really thrilled that thanks to funding and support from Duke of Edinburgh’s Access Without Limits programme and Olive Academies Foundation, we’ve successfully enabled 16 students at our two Cambridgeshire academies to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for the first time.

This success would not have been possible without the dedication of Millie Andrews, who has led this initiative with passion and commitment, along with the invaluable support of her colleagues.

This accreditation is a welcome addition to our provision and I’m confident it will have a positive impact on pupils’ futures.

Helena Boast, Director of Academies

Working towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award provides a great foundation for the next steps towards education and employment, as it helps to develop many of the soft skills required by colleges, universities, and employers such as resilience, teamwork and problem solving. It also benefits students physical and mental wellbeing and allows them to give back to their local communities through volunteering,

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