Olive AP Academy – Suffolk rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

We’re proud to confirm that Olive AP Academy – Suffolk (OA-Sf) has been graded ‘Good’ in all areas at its recent Ofsted inspection.

This outcome is welcome confirmation of our commitment to provide a high quality education for our pupils. The report recognises the significant improvements made at the academy, commenting also on the pace at which changes have been implemented.

We have worked closely with senior leaders within the trust and at Suffolk County Council, which has been crucial to effectively implementing our improvement plan. We’re pleased to see that the strength of our joined-up approach, and the impact it has on our pupils, has been acknowledged in the report.

Throughout the report there is an appreciation for the personalised support we provide and the importance we place on pupil wellbeing and social and emotional needs, which we’re sure you’ll agree is paramount for our children.

We will continue to build upon the successes identified by Ofsted in its report by continuing to monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum, making adjustments where necessary, so that all pupils make the strongest progress possible, both academically and personally.

We would like to thank our staff, pupils, governors and families who all play a role in ensuring the academy is an effective place to learn, work and succeed. Thank you for your continued support.

The report is available to read on OA-Sf’s website: https://apsuffolk.oliveacademies.org.uk/our-curriculum/our-ofsted-reports