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At Olive Academies we are committed to helping schools and local authorities implement strategies which prevent permanent exclusion.

Olive Academies is a pioneering multi-academy trust, specialising in alternative provision. We provide a high-quality, personalised approach to learning across a varied curriculum to successfully overcome barriers within education, re-engaging students for whom traditional teaching methods haven’t worked.

We are committed to working with mainstream schools to help them better support pupils before exclusion is considered.

Through our bespoke outreach programmes, we are able to extend our reach to even more in-need children. Taking our dynamic curriculum model and well-established approach to pastoral care, and tailoring it to local needs, we work with mainstream schools, sharing best-practice to prevent exclusions and improve outcomes for marginalised children and young people, and their families.

We also support whole-school inclusion strategies and build capacity within the system through effective delivery of targeted coaching so that mainstream staff feel more confident and better equipped to provide support that meets a pupil’s individual needs thereby enabling them to thrive within their existing school.

The DfE's SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan calls for a shift to earlier intervention, with AP outreach at its heart. In line with its three tiered model of inclusive practice, our outreach approach is centred around strong partnerships with a focus on individual needs and early support, guided by our outreach continuum.

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Outreach in action

We have compiled a series of case studies below to demonstrate some of the different aspects of our outreach provision.

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Our approach to outreach

Through our bespoke AP outreach programmes, we work with LAs and mainstream schools to improve outcomes for marginalised children and young people, and their families, supporting them to reach their full potential in learning and beyond.

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C Ase study image Strategic partnerships

Forming strategic outreach partnerships

A long-term strategic commitment from the local authority, began with an innovative 12-month, county-wide approach to early intervention and AP outreach. This strategic partnership enabled Olive Academies to develop and implement a robust approach to the planning and delivery of AP outreach, which led to a successful, and now ongoing, programme of intervention with students needs firmly at its heart.

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Developing outreach solutions together

Leaders at our Thurrock academy have been at the forefront of developing the trust’s AP outreach model, in partnership with Thurrock Council and in alignment with the DfE’s SEND and Alternative Provision Improvement Plan. Together with local mainstream school leaders and LA colleagues, staff at Olive AP Academy - Thurrock have developed flexible, tailored support to achieve the best reintegration opportunities for learners.

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Using creativity to support positive behaviour in KS2

Through the six-week AP outreach programme, four children at risk of suspension from a local primary school were supported to explore their emotions through a range of creative activities including music, art, games and story-telling. Concepts such as: acceptance, boundaries, empathy, confidence and relationships were woven into the sessions to support positive behaviour and attitudes towards learning.

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OA Sf Mini PATH example

Mini-PATHs: Using future aspirations to re-engage with learning

This case study demonstrates the importance of understanding and connecting with students during the initial needs assessment stage. By focusing not only on the student's learning needs but also discovering their interests, motivations and aspirations, staff in our Suffolk academy have been able to successfully engage students in AP outreach programmes, leading to positive learner outcomes.

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A successful transition into AP

The core purpose of our AP outreach programmes is to re-engage students in their learning and, wherever possible, supporting them and their school to maintain their place in mainstream education. However, in some instances it is necessary for students to transition into AP for a period of time in order for their needs to be best met. This case study explores the journey from outreach to AP transition for a Year 9 student.

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Our commitment

In line with the DfE’s SEND and AP Improvement Plan, Olive Academies is committed to working with local mainstream schools to help them better support pupils before exclusion is considered.

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For more information about our AP outreach work and how we might be able to share our expertise, please email info@oliveacademies.org.uk or phone 01708 982624.