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Professional development

We believe that all staff should be supported to reach their full potential and that career planning and personal development are central to this. Our Career Pathways programme ensures staff are able to develop with purpose at Olive Academies.

Adam Tedesco, Deputy CEO

Your professional development

We believe that our staff are the key to our success, so we want to invest in you. You’ll bring energy and a commitment to changing lives by removing barriers to learning. Our pledge to you in return is to support and develop you professionally. Our Career Pathways brochure offers a flavour of the ways in which OA aims to provide relevant and practical development opportunities and professional learning to support your journey. You’ll have access to nationally recognised courses and qualifications, as well as to mentoring programmes which will enable you to make the most of the chance to grow as a leader in your field. We actively encourage you to lead the discussion, to take the initiative in identifying your training needs and to be ambitious for your professional growth.

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We want to provide all staff, no matter their role or level, with a clear understanding of the opportunities for development and advancement based on an individual’s unique skills and needs, so that staff can grow in a supported way for optimum job satisfaction and wellbeing.

Edwina Andere, HR Manager

Your Olive Academies journey

We want to create a culture of lifelong learning, where there is room to grow and where every member of the team is valued as a leader in their own sphere. We encourage staff to connect with others across the trust in similar roles, sharing ideas and innovative thinking, as well as building your Olive network of peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Our academies sit outside the usual constraints of mainstream settings which gives you the chance to broaden your experience and strengthen your knowledge in specialist areas, such as trauma-informed practice, SEND, inclusion support or positive handling. We want you to feel stretched and fulfilled, so in addition to our trust-wide training programme we’ve created a directory of courses, helping you find the right next steps to support your career. We’re keen to play to your strengths: if you have a passion for outdoor education or you’re really into data, we want you to be able to build your capacities and thrive as a professional. Our geographical hubs provide opportunities for local leadership roles, and our collaborative ways of working give scope for experiencing leadership through shadowing and project rotations. We want your Olive career journey to be a pathway you can make your own, supported by mentoring, excellent advice and a network of like-minded individuals.

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